Welcome to Canine Scribbles

As my initial post, I want to introduce myself and describe the purpose of this blog site. I am a writer and lover of all things canine. My work is primarily about the canine-human interaction and how dogs improve the lives and world of humans. Some of my musings are written from the canine’s point of view. Some of my work focuses upon factual medical issues.  As a physician, I believe we have only just begun to understand the unique and special abilities of dogs. From providing therapy, protection, companionship and even helping in the detection of disease, a lot of work remains to be studied about these marvelous creatures.

A few housekeeping rules about posts on this site. Please do not post any photos or images of animal abuse, profanities or negative comments about any specifically named person or kennel. No advertising of puppies, products or services. This is not a site for win photos.

The purpose of this blog is to share our love and experiences with our dogs both written and visual ( ie images, photos and art work). There are many unknown talented artists out there who sketch, paint or write about their beloved canines. I invite you to share your talents. We learn from sharing.  I hope that all of you will feel the ‘positive energy’ from visiting our blog site.

I wish you many long and lazy happy times with your canines. Share your stories with us who are true dog lovers. Warm and fuzzy memories await you.







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