St. Roch:Patron Saint of Dogs & Epidemics

In these uncertain times of Coronavirus, it is comforting to reflect on saints and martyrs who exhibited acts of kindness and compassion. The 14th century Italian Saint Roch (Rocco) is remembered as the patron saint of canines, epidemics and those falsely accused. Born into nobility, he became an orphan at age twenty. He immediately distributed […]

My Cavalier Clown

From the first day you came home, you performed so many continuous backflips that your acrobatic feats flew you right off my bed. Your presence in the office instantly brought a smile to weary patients. While your brother offered patients a paw to shake “hello”, you nonchalantly peed on a patient’s wheelchair. But with the […]

Cardiac Murmurs in Cavaliers

Many Cavalier owners, particularly breeders, become alarmed if a murmur is discovered by their Veterinarian. The owner/breeder naturally assumes the worst possible scenario namely the presence of  mitral valvular disease resulting in heart failure.  Often the affected canine is removed from a breeding program based upon auscultation findings. The assumption is that hearing a murmur suggests […]