Canine Loyalty

We love our dogs but our canines exhibit unconditional love. Despite all our faults, their dedication towards us is strong and never ending. This bond continues to grow and strengthen. In their eyes, we are the center of their universe. Loyalty cannot define the dedication our dogs continue to show for us… despite our shortcomings.

Westminster….catch the magic!

In less than 3 weeks, the world will focus attention on the Big Apple. Dog lovers everywhere will participate in the most prestigious dog show in America, the Westminster Dog show. Kudoos to the dedicated owners, handlers, breeders, judges and admirers of purebreed dogs. Special gratitude extended to Mr. David Frei for his tireless efforts […]


It’s 24 degrees outside. A rareity for Charleston. My little starlet rhythmically snores softly beside me. Her breathe warms my face and heart. These snuggle times are what warm memories are made of…      

Canines sniffing out disease

Today, we mourn the passing of two iconic men who dedicated their lives to the arts. Both died of cancer.

Early cancer detection is crucial to a favorable outcome. With all the technological advances of medicine, cancer screening programs still fail.

Clinical studies prove that canines can ‘sniff out cancer’. The olfactory apparatus of the dog is capable of detecting minute quantities of chemicals produced by cancer cells. Although most physicians would scoff at the notion that a dog could diagnose cancer, the field of canine olfaction deserves further exploration and study.

Because her dog continuously sniffed her chest, a middle aged woman scheduled a mammogram. Early breast cancer was found and treated. Five years later she remains cancer free.

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